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What is MumNet?
Known by members as their “weekly moms group”, MumNet is a registered charity that has operated for over 29 years in Toronto. The program helps women face the challenges of motherhood in a mutually supportive, community-based, group environment.

Each session, we host groups that meet weekly across the city. MumNet I groups cater to moms with infants and young children. MumNet II mothers have at least one preschool-aged child.

Moms participate in a live-streamed virtual fitness class, a facilitated group session, socially distanced meet-ups and occasional guest speakers.

Our organization is run mainly by volunteer women. We are not affiliated with any cultural groups or religious denomination, and embrace all moms without discrimination.
I'm not sure if I should join a MumNet I or MumNet II group?
MumNet I is for new moms or moms with young children. MumNet II is for moms with at least one child in preschool or school, but childcare is still provided if needed. Having a school-aged child does not mean you cannot join a MumNet group – these are just guidelines to help women connect who have kids of similar age. Read this below to help determine which group is right for you.

What if I cannot participate in the fitness class?
All moms are strongly encouraged to participate in the fitness class; however, it is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition, and to independently determine whether to perform, use or adapt any of the information or content available through MumNet & SAOR Studio. Any exercise program may result in injury. By voluntarily undertaking any exercise provided by MumNet & SAOR, you assume the risk of any resulting injury. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem or condition you should contact a qualified health care professional. In the event of an emergency, seek medical care immediately.

There are no refunds for those who are not able to exercise.
How do I register?
You can register online here.
When and where do the groups meet?
Our programs are divided into three terms: fall (September to December), winter (January to March) and spring (March to May).

Details and locations can be found here.
What payment method is accepted for registration?
Fees can be paid in full via PayPal during the online registration process. Please contact us if you would like confidentially apply for a subsidy.
Why does MumNet have to fundraise?
MumNet is funded through two main sources: membership fees and fundraising, predominantly from our annual gala. Monies raised by fundraising enable us to keep our fees low and to keep our groups accessible to as many moms as possible. We offer additional subsidies so our programs are available to all women regardless of their financial situation. Further details on our fundraising initiatives can be found here.
I’m interested in being a group leader. How do I learn more?
We are looking for friendly, creative moms who would like to do “a little something more”. Each MumNet I and MumNet II group has two leaders who work together to plan and organize for the term. Leaders receive a 50% discount on their fees and we ask for a one-year commitment, September to June. Co-leading a group is a fun way to get involved in your community and work with others. If this piques your interest, please contact Program Coordinator via email at
Why are volunteers so important to MumNet?
MumNet was founded and is run by volunteer women, both current members and alumnae. There are only four paid staff that work part-time (the Executive Director, Fitness Manager, Childcare Manager and Program Coordinator); all other positions are held by volunteers. Many members have used their volunteer work experience as an opportunity to build for future jobs and careers. The value of volunteering is a way of giving to a wonderful organization but also as a way of developing your skills and experience for the future.
How can I join the MumNet Board of Directors?
The MumNet Board of Directors is comprised entirely of volunteers.  Our Board advises, governs, and oversees MumNet policy and direction, and assists with the leadership and general promotion of MumNet to support our organization’s mission and needs. The board is typically made up of members with combined experience in a variety of areas.
Can I advertise with MumNet?
For more information about how to advertise with MumNet, please visit our sponsorship page or email
Does MumNet sell member information (email addresses, etc.)?
No way. Protecting the privacy of MumNet members is very important to us. MumNet will never share or sell any of the information members provide to the organization.